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Today is : Thursday 26th of April 2018
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Computer Lab ,  Seminar & Workshop

The main secret behind the success of various Computer Courses run by this Institution lies in the hug mandotry hands on Practical Training Computer performance by every individual student in ample time. Every student is required to work in the computer centre at least 10 hours per week (which is more for the higher classes of the course.
The Institute presently has about 25 computers, most of them meeting the most current computer configuration of higher rating along with Multimedia, internet, Graphical & Networking facilities. Computer Center is working for about 12 hours per day that are increaseed on the request of the students from time to time depending upon thir interest and abilities to use the facilities in best posible way. The Institute has Multimedia, Networking and Internet facilities with latest softwares. The teachers are available for consultation in the lab itself. Maximum support for computer lab work is ensured for every student.
The institute has planned to settle a computer lab for senior students for their project work. It will comprise of letest configured as well as online internet conectivity. The student can do their classes with online tests.

The Institute frequently organizes workshops & seminars on program related topics. More often that not, these are organized in tandem with organizations of national reput. The student draw inspiration by interacting with the intellectuals in these seminars & workshops.
Hardware Training
Besides giving knowledge of Computer Applications, the Institute feels that the primary and basic knowledge of Computer Hardware is a must so that students are in a position to solve day to day problems occuring at the time of using the computer. They need not to run to hardware engineers for petty problems. The students are taught to assemble their own computers under the able guidance of competent faculty and also taught to rectify the hardware problems. the Institute runs separete classes for hardware training.

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